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Minggu, 27 Februari 2011

the object of introspections..

More older the world,there are more an topic issues presented by people who had scraping of moral..
I saw that in this crazy era,there so many people losing their heart, untouchable..they aren't realize factually in where place they standing apart..
As if they didn't realize that honestly after living now there are in next permanent living..No powers except the supreme God,..Allah Subhanahuwata'ala..Allah Azza Wajallah.,who brings everything human needs.
They talking more many bad sides of others,neighbor,friends and more even own families..! without seeing by themselves..
Talking about other person.more event the bad sides of them..clearly or not..big mouth..big gossips..talking so more,.high anger..make someone else became angry..it sounds the limits..do ya,.
Make somebody not feel comfort..making someone suspicious to others,.
Finally many people disintegrated one by one...
If we think so deeply..what kind of advantages they get?who cares whom? what kind of human they are.?
There only absolutely things as the answer..are they insert of religious people? Mean if they have religious views,
it won't be happened.
So what are based of our thinking now?
What are based on our behavior now?.nothing else,,except always be positive thinking to God..and other people..
Always "dzikrullah" and remember what surely we are..
Always remember the Big Creator..that's ALLAH..God have power...the only we have,the only one we should to pray,..
Remember more better than speak nothing..
Don't let be our heart empty..full them up with mention Allah's name..with a good names,..
We are nothing without Allah..
We are meaningless without Allah's want...
More closely we are with Allah,more Allah care us...that's absolute answers..
We should to know in what side we must going on,..
Let's repair ourselves...!
Let's we make preparations for the future...
It's must be hard to do..but we must be..jihad with our passions.
Not only when ramadhan comes,.but after and after..

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