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Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

my son , a story of the pics...

5 days old..
I should left him in a hospital because he still at the incubator..
He borned prematured.I felt so hurt when looked at him
as if he said.."Ummi (Mom)..don't leave me alone.."

2 months old..
"Look at my smile...it's seem so friendly and sweety...white smile..!!!
hello everyone do you feel same with me? HAppy!!

2 months old..
" lagi di jemur di teras rumah, biar kena sinar matahari pagi...sehat...sehat...!!

6 months old..
Sebelum berangkat kerja, minta gendong ummi dulu...hoaff!! ngantuk!!

1,5 years old..
after waked up in the morning..Alief was action in his bike..not take a bath yet..!!

2 years old..
He was happy in water...!!..Never stop...!!
Until I asked him to break out playing in water for lunch!!!
and at backyard with his bike..

2 years old more..
Alief went to swimming pool with abi and ummi...
Spent times together..Happy!!..but look at this pics.is that alief was swimming, but still "ngedot" (drank milk in a bottle)..? oh boy!! how can.?? but it's so funny and natural..hahayy..!!

3 years old..
celebrated the third anniversary birthday....

4 years old..
Family day...@ Swimming Pool Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
Alief was so greated and enjoy...once times in two years...we always attending family day in My husband's office..in different place..outbond!! and of course My son so excited...huurayyy..!! let's spend our times together, son!...

4 years old..
ready goes to school"..!! @ Play group

take a pic with Alief's cousins..Icha n Tari,my sister's child...the second pics..Alief in the morning...he want to take a bath lazily...and the end Alief and me one view park at the Cibubur City...when holiday is coming...He looks so pale cause he is sick.., and tired after go around...

@ Carrefour one afternoon:Look at him!! see his smile, his face was very funny, who knows what he has in mind

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