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Jumat, 30 Maret 2012

Is Nothing...!!

" What looks beautiful and sweet.. What looks beautiful and sweet.. In front of you... As able to provide everything that you want .. What appear to sparkle and shine .. In your eyes .. As if to shine a light millions of eyeballs with happiness .. but be aware that all there is a limit .. We too did not escape the eyes from the glare of beauty .. We believe that it is wonderful for us .. And we do not even realize it ..(or do not want to know? ) that everything was as we expected and hoped for .. Indeed these eyes have seen the opposite .. Message to be sent deep in our souls .. That we actually did not know anything .. That we have valid outrageous .. We've forgotten one thing. our knowledge is very limited .. Supposing we have only a single thread of the fabric of God's like a vast sea, we are only a drop of water .. Supposing we're just a speck of particle yes, we really no nothing.. Omniscient God, that we do not know .. God almighty knows what we need, not what we want ... Shall we close our eyes to the wickedness? Truly we are a small.."

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